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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life at Saket New Delhi

While sitting a thought came to mind that why the people and neighbours at Saket don't live peacefully and it is generally seen that people / neighbours are ready to fight on petty matters like parking or boasting that every body has contacts with high ups. In my opinion that people should adopt the policy of live and let live.I have the occasion of trying to show people that the clean Delhi is my Delhi and I joined the then MCD councillor and large gathering started cleaning the road from PVR along with councillor and ended at J block Market saket.All this had no effect on the public some photography videos were made and some press reporters gathered and the whole initiative taken by councillor had no effect and Clean Delhi dream was shattered .
This had a negative effect that when that councillor fought election he was surprisingly defeated in MLA election.Again while having a morning walk in M block park Saket once I asked an elderly Sanyasi that he had left all the mess where he took all the meals and left on the bench of the park I told him that he had done mistake .He rudely replied that he would not do and left the scene saying that if I had interest then I should do the cleanig of the left overs..In the similar people know the rights but not the duties as a good citizen. Most of the people cant find the space for parking as such try to grab the road space in front of other houses.Acute shortage of parking space is also due to the reason that each hose usually have 3 to 5 cars in the same house resulting in shortage and unpleasant situations. Similar situation exists in almost in whole Delhi.There is a great rush when the Schools are opened and then when the students go back to their houses when schools are closed.The opening of so many malls and district centre has made the situation of roads the worst.Continuing .........dated 6/3/08

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