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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Bauji"s Legacy After Partition period (part 2)

Remembering the old time memories of our Bauji's truthfulness and his legacies I remember that Once after partition he used to discuss the which business was to be done during printing work.He was against to make and print the material which taught us bad things whether it was playing cards or some cartons of baby pistol.Once a firm came to us that we should make the cartons of Baby Pistols manufactured by M/s Ramesh Toys BaraHindu Rao .Again as a principal he told My brother that we should refuse but as we were getting extra money my brother accepted the order.We got printed the cartons of baby pistol and worked hard to complete the order. The material was supplied to the firm but as you know the pistol whether it was a toy or actual it gave bad idea of cruelty to the tender minds of the children.So the legacy of Bauji was that it should be shunned .The material was not lifted and the card board cartons remained stacked in stores and after some times there were so many scorpions in whole lot and the same stuff was wasted and to be burnt .So we had to suffer loss .Again I remember my Bauji was offered a job by some leather shop as a cashier on arrival in Delhi after partition by the firm named M/s Labhu Ram and Ram Labhaya and Sons at Sadar Bazar area.He refused this job because he hated the leather shop as it dealt with skin of goat and sheep.To his belief it was cruelty towards animals,.He used to say that he would prefer to be hungry than to do job which was bad in his own eyes and in the eyes of the GOD .We remembered that we used to eat Roti without any vegetable and we had to eat roties with salt and chillies and water. All this prove that Baujis Legacy was great and we still try to follow those teachings and remember him although he is resting under the Divine feet of the GOD.

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