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Friday, February 1, 2008

Comparison of life in USA and Canada( during June upto 27 th September 2007)

One day we went to sea area near Sanfrancisco and we had a great time fun.we have seen the crooked street and to dirve the car here is adangerous proposition I have seen the highest buildings and the bay area was a wonderful site.we have seen the ship and also we have seen where the prisoners were kept.As we were strolling it was a windy day and there was cold breeze blowing and as we sat in a restaurant we were shivering with cold.To save ourselves from cold we had to purchase the worm jackets.Then we sat for photos on the sea beach.We have seen the Chocklate machine and enjoyed a lot and returned to fremont.The weather of California remains almost same through out the year same as this is near sea.we had taken the woollen clothes but there was no need and the same had to be carried back.We had to wait for the week days so that we could enjoy with our children.But I had seen on week days our children remained busy on the computer .In USA it is generally seen that family members husbands and wives all work and they divide duties and on week days husbands have to help wives in running washing machine and house cleaning work and parenting and grooming the children .This is because both are working partners and they are compelled to do so.Any way they have no time to prepare or cook food so they mostly depend upon on fruits and baked items like bread and pastas etc.In a nut shell I mean to say that life at USA is very busy as is seen in India in the most of the metros cites. Continuing....

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