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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Vancuover Visit

During our stay at Sanfrancisco Freemont we had got an invitation from my sister and jijaji that we should visit Vancuvour Canada as there are so many places to visit so we hurriedly agreed .As a matter of fact we had already planned to visit and got visa from India.So we booked our air tickets on 1 July 2007.the 2 hour fligt was a wonderful experience Luckily I got the window seat and the scenes belowwere visible .We saw that whole of canada has so many ilands and full of green scenry .The security checks was foolproof and the figer prints were taken .I had to tell the air port authorities that while checking my wife that her hand has got a plate implated and as such she cannot raise hand above shoulders so they should be sympathetic with the hand .Any we had reached the vancuvour air port within 2 hours .On the way I discussed about global warming with some canadian and the journey was pleasant one,We had to wait for the Taxi for about 2 hours and my son drove the hired car to our destination.I was astonished to see the map finder fitted in the car which showed the correct way.If at any crossing we took a wrong turn the voice mail started speaking Calculating calculating etc.In this way we had not to inquire from passerby which is the correct road.As matter of fact there was no body on the road as we find in India.During the month of july we went t see the Lynn valley It was great exprience. I will continue on more pages to follow.

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