These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


When we united in India we inquired to our Bauji as to what happened to him and his Sikh partner.We were shocked to hear that when the riots broke my father had gone in the field carrying a GUDWI Of water ( BOWL OF WATER) to reply the call of nature.So he saved his life and caught the train which was ferrying the the Hindus families to India.Regarding his Sikh partner it happened worst.As he was running some of the Muslim mob stabbed him in the stomach and his veins and insentience came out of his belly but he any how not lost hope and took the veins and insentience etc and pushed the whole muck in his stomach and wrapped his stomach with his turban and he also took the train to India.He was given first aid by the fellow passengers.I am still go into deep silence as bi remember the horrors and woes of partition.All this happened under the divide and rule policy of the then British rule.Had the politicians had showed some type intelligence and patience and humane attitude this black day could have been averted.My tearful condolences to our Sardar Bhayaiji as he expired after living a struggleful life in Delhi .By dint of hard labour he established good business in Delhi and his second generation is still remembering him and his good deeds. When I inquired to our brothers what was their fate when they started back journey from Rawalpindi they told that they were also targeted but t5hey returned in tight frightful conditions along with cousin KishanLal Bhapaji and his sisters and Tayaji.Now My sharandajali to my respectful Tayaji his daughters RAj,Veeran, son Sh Kishan Lal Sethi and others who are no more in this world .

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