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Sunday, August 5, 2007

During Partition

I am writing this story when we were facing the hardships after the partition. After Shahbad Markanda (district Ambala) we all shifted to Agra as our cousin Tayaji used to live there. In Agara did not have any place to live we all put up in the deserted house in the CHAKKI PARA near Bus stop and opposite of Agra RED FORT. This was half broken and there was a leather market on the ground floors and the residents on the first floor. We started living there but faced hardships at every step of the way. My eldest sister Pushpa started teaching us Hindi and also she got admission in the Bengali Anglo School in 5th class. I still remember that I used to accompany her to the school during her cookery classes. I got admitted in 1st class in Municipality School at Chhipi Tola Muhalla and my brother Shri Dharm Vir got addmission in 4th class. At Agra we lost our elder sister due to malarial fever. At this point our family decided to shift to Delhi and leave Agra forever. We moved to Delhi in 1948.

At Delhi Railway station our Bauji's pocket was picked and then we took shelter at Pusa Road in the house of friend of Bauji. The life was difficult at this time we have learnt the technique of making card board boxes and we used to make them at our house. From Pusa Road we moved to Lajpat Rai Market then to Taliwada then to Manakpura and then moved to Kabrastan Chamilian and finally we moved to House 7409/5 Alias Building, Nai Basti, Bara Hindu Rao. The year was 1954-55 when we moved to Bara Hindu Rao. It was here that we moved our cardboard box making business to a shop very close to our house.
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Prem Anand said...

Well done JG! You are making a wonderful use of your trip to Americas. Make it a memorable one and keep it up. We wish you all the best in life.

Unknown said...

Hi Uncle:

You are a pioneer! You have started a blog before anyone else in our family -- great job! Look forward to reading more of your blog in the coming months.

Lots of love,

Ashish & Terena

Terena said...

Dear Mommaji,

What a wonderful collection of stories. The fact that they are true accounts of your life make them even more valuable for generations to come. I can't wait to be able to share these with Isabelle and Dorian. Please continue with your writing, and I will endeavour to make copies of it all for our family's continuing enjoyment.

I never knew that you were such a gifted writer!

Thank you for sharing your memories with us.


Terena (hugs)

Unknown said...

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