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Friday, August 31, 2007

After Partitionin year 1948 to 1954 hardships at KABRASTAN CHAMELIAN AND BARA HINDU RAO MANAKPURA

After coming to Delhi and facing the hardships of poverty I remember that not finding any shelter we were forced to live near a vacant plot around Kabarastan chamelian.All sisters, brothers and parents were feeling the pongs of hunger to the extent we used to take roties with only water mied with salt and chillies .Sometimes no food.I remember during rainy days there used to be mushroom planty on all over the grave yard area we used to prepare the vegetarian meals .But one day while going to do toilet I found on scratching the ground I found so many whisky bottles dumped there and this fact was brought to the notice and but when we again went to the site some body took it away.My parents hate the wine and smoking .An incident again happened my eldest brother and I was crossing a grave noticed a snake and we changed our route .This snake they say that it was gaurding the grave no body dared to go near that grave.So long we stayed near grave yard and used to see that snake but that snake never harmed us.Here my eldest brother once brought a stappling machine and now we started the cartons stitching work by converting it into machine operating by foot. Then we prepared a huge tub and started to waxing the butter paper which is wrapped around the bread.We used to boil the wax in the tub and with the help of rollers dip the paper in the molten wax.Here I tell you that some printing machines owner used to send pinted papers sheets to us for waxing.In the 1948 -1950 we were doing such of petty works.My eldest brother was very hardworking person and I always saw him working.He was befriended with Sh Mushadi Lal who was having a printing press at Pahari Dheeraj near Sadar bazaar.Once it good luck would had it he got information that scrap of railways was being auctioned and he purchased 3 printing machines and some parts and he assembed 2 and sold it and remainig one machine was being used for printing work under the name as SETHI PRINTING PRESS AND BOX FACTORY now we used to do printing as well as dye cutting work and with at this point then we had one printing machine one cutting and one dye cutting machine and got some orders and the work started.I was admitted in MCD school Model Basti and my youger sister in MCD girls school.In those days there was scarcity of sugar and once some imposter came to father and said that he could help in getting sugar .He took our Baugi near the by mahalla called the CHHAJU KA KATRA and asked him to wait and the fraud took away the money and bag and ran away from the other gate of the Katra.I still remember that when I was returning from school I foun d him and informed that there was no use waiting and that there was anothergate of that Katra and that he had been cheated by the fruad.We remember that our whole family could not eat on this incident.From we shifted to Manakpura.Here the rent of the house was Rs 15/and we remained here about 5years or so.Here all our neighbours were living under poverty line'We got a house having no fascilities.ONe water tap for about 8 houses a very dingy Most of the people doing small scale industry items like making shoes,selling vegetables workers of the then DCM factory.I still remeber that their past was to recite AALHA UDAL Stories a few lines still echo my ears as under




Some of our neighbour's name used to be ........Dalchand ,sohan lal mistry his sons comrade SH.RAM KUMAR.Sham Sh Bodh Raj Bhaiyaji,Our Manohar lal bhapaji and our Tayajis family in upstairs house.My sincere heart felt sharandjali to those poius souls which are resting in peace in heaven.But one thing was great in spite poverty all were so friendly among all sections of society.In those days the MCD councillor was Late Bansi Lal Chauhan and i used to go there for attestation of certificate s and refugee registration cards I still remember that metal copper plates we received from our school when India was declared its first Republic Day on 26th 1950.with 3 lions engraved on the Ashoka pillor which is our national symbol.

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