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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Before Partition 2

I now give some of the local language and some jokes.

One of the jokes is that one old lady went to bazar and asked to the shopkeeper for razai (quilt stuffed with cotton fibers).The name of the lady was Bassi.She selected one which was very thin and not at all worm enuogh and she was laughing all the way .On seeing the lady laughing the shopkeeper was stunned and told the lady like this,-----

Bassia Bassia Bus Kar Unn Hasnia phir roanse jadan uthe kar ke saunse .

(The meaning thereby that she would repent when she would use the same at night as the quilt was not at all worm)

The pathans used to call the punjabi population as Karars in local language.One day two friends ladies asked to each other like this; Kararni to pathanini . Pathanini vey pathanini pathan kithe gaya adhi roti kha ke pavandi moaya paya. To this Pathanini replied like this .---

Karani vey Karani Karar kithe gaya adhi roti ka ke sarandi moaya pya.

As I told earlir that the pathans use to carry the guns and they use d when required.One of the pathan said why he was not using the gun what for he was waiting for. To his the pathan replied " Dhup charesi te thus karesi.Their local language was pashto.AssI for us and tussi for you toaudha stood for yours.,Brather for brother and mather for mother .There was so cold that they used to take bath after days together break.Regarding the childen they used to wear same shirt long enough upto the age of 6 to7 years After age of 8 years their dress was used to be Kamis ans salwars Muslim ladies used to wear Burqa and they were not allowed to go to schools.At Kohat the Muslims and Hindus /sikhs used to live together with friendly neighbourhood,and they used to celebrate the festivals of each commnity.It was a good thing.My father to whom we used to call as Bauji had so many friend s and they were muslims and pathans .My Bauji was a honest and prathan of Arya samaj and he new Urdu and Pashto.He was respectfully called Mahashia ji .In my child hood I and my brother and sisters used to play .Girls used to study only at homes and there were no schools for girls.The girls used to learn Hindi in Arya Samaj / Temples and boys were supposed to learn urdu in schools.I still remember my school where I used to study urdu.In my school basta(school bag) there was one Quada , slate and takhti and Kalam dawat and black ink (Sahai).We used to write Alaf ,BAY Paye Taye ,Saye ....;;;etc and counting in urdu and tables and multipication (Zarab) division (Taksim) , addition (Jama) etc Irony of fate is that I completely forgot.,all that I had learnt Our teachers name was Buta Ram and he was so strict and used to thrash if any body used to forget the lessons.He used to punish like the shagirds severely.He used to ask the students to bend Like Murga and place the takhti on the back.I rememberd he remarked to failure student like this ::: Zamin gunmbad pe gunmbad Gul Mohammad Gul Mohammad ; meaning thereby that the Earth is revolving and revolving but Gol Mahammad is still in the same class while his fellow students had been promoted to next class. As I had earlier told that my father was a man of great will power and hate smoking and he never touched the cigarette.One day one pathan friend had forced him to smoke and told him if he did;nt he would face the gun.My father stood in front of him and ordered the pathan to shoot him but he would not yeild.Such was the will power and I am proud of my Bauji and pay my sincere Sharandjli to him in Heaven. He used to inculcate the habit of hardwork to us and I remind one his Sher ( a poem) which used to say ;;;Mahnet Karo Azizo Mahnet Se Kam Hoga , Kahente hain Jsse Waqt aa kar Gulam Hoga.

This means that hard work is the essence of success and even the time can be slaved due to hard labour.

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