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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Before Partiton 3

Today I again remembered the some of the languages the then used.When ever pathan had to say whether any person was feeling pressure or wanted to go to tiolet he whould say like this as under; " Tagala khure na khure'
AS I mentioned that my father used to teach us good teachings in a simple way as ;
Wand Khadi kheer khand khadi ===Chori Khad te Ghori Khadi The meaning of this was that whatever you possessed you should distribute among yourselves and that this would taste like Khir and sugar.Now if any body eat any thing stealthly it would be .like meat of mare.(GHORI)When he was in good mood he used to narrate some pharsi urdu poems as one given below.
Didam pey tum tumera shakse charida buda
Sirr pur thi uske pagri munche kharida buda
Puchha jo main ne us se jate kider ho sahib
Usne kaha chhup raho ji shaid kuch ranjida
Main bhi tha dhid pucca khara na uska chhora
Dora jo wahan se badro thi uske agey
Gira ho usme moan sur phatida buda

Here I tell you the meaning that " I saw a person on the tanga (baggi or tumtum) who was having moustaces and I nquired from him where he was going he replied that I should keep quite .I thought that yhe person was some what in gief and not in mood to talk .I was also determined to know what was toubling him so I followed him .When he saw back found me following him he ran fast .But there was a river (BUDRA)in front of him and he fell in that river with the result he broke his face and head.

My father had a good command of english also .Some time he told some the poems

King george the emperor of Hind from Kamran to Sind ;------

One thing at time and that done well is golden rule many can tell

Nursery poem I also heard from him

Twinkle twikle little star------
He asked me that when I faced any problem than I should utter the gayari mantras.When ever I felt rage THAT I should take one glass of water and then I should think over the problem.While taking decision one should take the opinion of the fellow and used to say if there is a khota near by one should take the opinion of donkey .This all sayings lead to fact that one ld look before he leaps and think before he speaks One should be honest to all specially to oneself and should hear the inner voice.He used to say when a milk man puts water bin the milk why he hides behind the door .

Once when playing football some my friends kicked the ball so hard that it fell other side of the hill and saw the Kabilas but they returned the ball'At kohat there was no electricity there were lamp posts in the streets and a person used to fill kerosene .

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