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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

After coming to Fremont USA on 6th JUNE 2007

On arrival at Fremont at weekend we visited the beach at bay area.this trip was on the whole quite good.Our daily routine was to go the park near by and waited for the arrival of the children .Boredom was always there as no body to talk.we hardly find any Indian meeting each other .Only some of the Indians do meet at week end that not so often.Elders here have got no facility and they are solely depended on their children no voice of their own.In the past i had a very high opinion about this country and now i can say that in my opinion the elders should not come here to just become burden to their children.

At last I got the invitation from my sister from Vancouver and we took a fight and reached here on 30July2007.This was a great trip we got a great respect and every moment from our relatives as if we are meeting after a long separation.We are thankful to Prem Nath jijaji,sister Santosh.Happy ,Terena,Subhash ,Dolly and little ones and Radha BharjaijiDuring our stay we have seen so many spots like Suspension bridge in Lynn valley Zoo ,Deer lake parks and south coast and had ride of ship and ferry and boats.We had so many dishes and every day was a picnic day.Here Indians are in large numbers and they have respect of their own as a community and in my opinion they are giving a helping hand in the economy of Canada.

Now we had a tip to Las VEGAS and LOS Angels and started at 2pm on 23rd August2007 and reached at 10 pm after driving 1000km.This place is located in a desert and it was a hot day.We got tired and stayed in POLO TOWERS HOTEL.The hotel is situated near all types of casinos.they say that gambling here is allowed by law.we have seen Paris circus and other Casinos.The artificial sky effect were worth praising.all the casinos were the same have slot machines for gambling.There was no limit .We had a helicopter ride and it was nice to see the city from the sky it looks a magnificent fairy city.we started for Los Angels on 27 Th August While coming to Los Angels we visited Hoover Dam. and stayed in Wenshire hotel.Here the stay was not good as there was no room service even of water Any way we stayed here for days and searched for Indian food for hours together and found one which was closed .We saw Universal studios in Hollywood.Terminator sets in 3d back drops shreik and donkey sets water land other sets were marvellous and we came back on 28Th August 2007.It was nice trip and now again waiting for return to INDIA.

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