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Friday, August 10, 2007

Before Partition 5

While I was in deep memories I remembered another poem we used to sing on Lohi festival while collecting something for the festival door to door.some of it are as under;
Jhule Ni Maye Jhule do jhul piayn khajuran Khajuran satta meva is koori de ghar mangeva is ghar de koori nikhri bhar bhar khandi churi--

LOHI LOHI TAKEE PHICHHE CHHUP KHLOI TAKEE MARA PUD BIBI DO SEIR DANE KUD '';;;;;;ETC Now I tell you more about Kohat There were Galies of all communities and at both sides of these streets there were drains which used to be dirty Likewise the roads of the bazar had drains usally remained dirty as there were sweepers who seldom cleaned and washed with the help of water being carried by them on their backs.Here I tell you that there was shortage of water and there were masonary well all over in the city and the water was pulled out by lifting buckets tied with ropes , from these wells .At the end of every lane there used be garbage bin or koora dan I still remember the black silt being removed from those drains and stacked along the lenghth of those drains.
Being the hilly area there was used to be dirt on the raods .Some time I noticed the tankers of water in the market sprinkling water on the roads and gallies (streets ) to subside the dust.As a rule all the shopkeepers used to clean the front portion of their shops and throw water to subside the dust.
At my school there used to be small canal having fresh water which might had been connected with Kathas(water stream) flowing near foot hills of the mountains .The most of muslims and pathans alike used to keep birds as pet birds .I saw the TEETAR (abird ) fights and MURGA Fights. BATERS (a bird)were also kept as pet birds .All the people enjoyed and there used be so many parties taking part in these games .The winners got the prizes and money .The next game the people used to enjoy was pigeon (Kabuter Bazi) flying.Kite flying was also very comman.I remember there were camels also as the means of transportations.Some times you can see bullock carts .All the community whether Hindus /skhs pathans ,muslims used to keep baffaloes ,cows ,goats etc for their need of milk and ghee and curd etc.

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